Menu A

  • Tiramisu

A flavorful of light mascarpone cheese with A decent amount of rum and coffe, companied with lady fingers

  • Strawberry Shortcake

A good amount of fresh strawberries accompied with vanilla sponge and whipped cream

  • Milk Chocolate Mousse with Passionfruit Jelly

Milk chocolate mousse layered with crunchy chocolate pearls and a tinge of passionfruit jelly

  • Chocolate Banana Heaven

Chocolate banana mousse accompanied with caramelized bananas and banana crème brulee

  • Apple Crumble

Sauteed caramelized apples with a tinge of cinnamon topped with baked yummy crumbles

  • Vanilla Parfait with flavored Jello

Choice of flavors: raspberry, lime, blackcurrant, orange (min 20pcs per flavor)

  • Fruity Delight

Fresh fruits with light pastry cream, finished with a touch of mango jelly

  • Espresso Coffee Mousse 

Espresso coffee mousse layered with coffee pudding. Accompanied with crunchy chocolate pearls, topped with coffee jelly

Menu B

  • Personalised Cake Pops

  • Baked Cheesecake

Choice of flavors: marbled, blueberry, new york (min 10pcs per flavor)

  • Mini Cupcakes

Choice of flavors: chocolate, vanilla, blueberry,red velvet, carrot (min 10pcs per flavor)

  • Mini Macaroons

Choice of flavors: chocolate, salted caramel, raspberry jelly, lemon cream, chocolate chips (min 30pcs per flavor)

  • Mini Fruit Tarts

  • Mini Tarts

Choices of flavors: pecan, blueberry, cherry, smores (min 20pcs per flavor)

  • Brownies Squares

  • Personalised Cookie Pops

Menu C

  • Mini Cream Puffs

  • Meringue Kisses 

  • Chocolate Coated Rice Krispies Treats

  • Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

Menu D

  • Cookies (30pcs)

Choice of flavors: nutella, chocolate

  • Chocolate Dipped Biscotti (30pcs)

Fruits and nuts biscotti baked to its finest with half chocolate coating

  • Crème Brulee (1.5kg)

Carefully baked crème brulee at a low temperature to ensure smooth texture, finished with caramelized sugar on top

OTHERS (not included in the dessert table package, please contact us for quotation)

  • Customized Rock Candies

Have your own customized rock candies! Mini bags provided. *Minimum 2kg