Thank you everyone for your compliments, we have been receiving photos of customers of themselves together with our cake but we decided not to post it online due to privacy purpose.(Photos of the cakes can be found in Gallery) We seek your kind understading! :)

[Monochrome Themed Dessert Table]

Thank you for everything! It was really awesome and everybody liked the cakes and desserts :-) I also gave them recommendations!


[Purple to Pink Ombre Cake with cakepops on top]

Thank you very much for the cake and being easy to work with. It wasa huge hit and exactly as I had wanted it to be. Tha flavor was amazing too. Will definitely be getting your cakesin time to come.


[Superheroes Themed 2tiered Fondant Cake]

The party was a blast, the cake was a great highlight and finale to end off the evening. It was awesome looking and great tasting! My boy, the kids and adults love it! A number of them asked for you contacts. :)


[2tiered cream cake pastel blue themed with animals and little boy sitting on top]

Thanks for the wonderful cake. Everyone loved the design and taste. Thanks.1


[Cloudjumper Fondant Cake]

We hid the cake somewhere until it was cake cutting and it was an out of this world surprise for Tim! Awesome job you did!! Really! Thanks for doing such a great job with Cloudjumper! AWESOME! 


[Elephant 2D design Fresh Cream Cake]


You're a true artist!

Thank you so so much for the most beautiful and delicious cake ever!

I can't thank you enough. It was beautiful, awesome, wonderful. Everybody raved about it. 

Will be passing your details of course.

Also the delivery guy was good too and came on time :)

All the best, from a very happy and grateful mum.


[Street Fighter Game Console Cake]

Hi Jennis, just wanna tell you your cake is really awesome.. I loved it alot and I think you are really amazing.. really thanks for everything.. :)


[Elephants themed 2 tier Fresh Cream Cake]

Thanks for executing such a wonderful looking and great tasting cake. It's was all put before I knew it and many asked for second servings! Truely glad to have ordered the cake from you. Thank you once again. 


[Octopod Fondant Cake]

Thanks so much, Jennis, it's a very beautiful cake, my son is overjoyed!!

-Jen Jen

[Red velvet cake topped with coconut flakes]

Hi Jennis, the cake was really really good. Wiped out in no time. Thank you! :) 


[Optimus Prime Fresh Cream Cake]

Thank you for the lovely cake yesterday and for delivering the cake to me. The sweetness and texture is just right for the kids and adults alike and I have never been disappointed by the customised design that i have requested. This has kept me coming back for 3 consecutive years from Elmo to Spidy and now Optimus Prime.  

Keep it up! 


[Customized Fondant Cupcakes]

Jennis you did a wonderful job!!! My chef and colleagues was very impressed by it.. Your perfection to it and how detail you are... very well and I appreciate it so much by making part of my gift special to her... Thanks so much!!


[Frozen themed Cakepops] 

Package received! They are very nice!!!! I think my girl will be thrilled beyond words when she sees them. Thank you very much. 

Cheryl's friends in church were very happy to receive the cakepops too. Saw they munching away :)


[Pink Ombre Cake] 

Thanks Jennis, the cake's wonderful :)

-Mrs Chan

[Pocoyo and friends 2tier Fresh Cream Cake]

Jennis, the cake was fabulous!! It looked great abd tasted even better! Thank you for a phenomenal job. Everyone was raving about it!!


[August Man Lucky 7th Anniversary Cakepops]

Just want to thank you again for the lovely cake pops you did for our event, our guests enjoyed it a lot!



[Rilakkuma Cupcakes]

Thanks Jennis for the cupcakes! They are beautiful and better thanwhat I thought. My colleague was very happy.Hope to be patronising u again soon.



[Topsy Turvy Cake]

Thank you so much for making such awesome 2tier 21st b'dae cake for my birthday. It was really well made and worth every cent. The cake was too pretty to be eaten, but when we did it, it really taste awesome as well.

Thank you and i will definitely order from you again in future.



[Barbie Cake]

Amazing cake!!! thanks soo much for everything.....we all loved it :)



[Toy Cube Cake]

The cake looked very beautiful and was also very delicious. Thanks! :)



[Pimpa Themed Cake]

Your cake was amazing! Not only beautiful but very tasty indeed!

You can't imagine how many people asked for your contact!



[Tennis Bag Themed Cake & Minion Cakepops]

Just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your beautiful tennis bag cake! My son was absolutely delighted by your creation which was the highlight of his party! Our guests were also extremely impressed by the intricate detailing and delicious taste. 

Your Minion cake pops and tennis cup cakes were also beautiful and yummy and went down really well with his class and tennis mates!

Thank you once again and we will definitely be ordering from you again!

-Pao Hsein


[Starwars Themed Cupcakes]

Never got the chance to thank you. The cupcakes were gorgeous and tasted delicious! Thank you so much for your patience and kind assistance (: 



[Marathon Themed cake & Cupcakes]

You cannot imagine what your cake did for us at the party. I was deeply touched at how much heart that went into it. We could see that every single detail went with a lot of thought, the mini figure of him, his name in gold and it blew our minds to see the mini certificates!!! EVERYTHING fitted perfectly! 

THANK YOU for making Randolph's 60th party an even more memorable one. EVERYONE loved the cake and thought it was JUST PERFECT! 

Thank you ever ever so.



[Sports Themed Cake & Cupcakes]

Thank you to Cak3 Box for this sports balls cake & cupcakes. Not only do they look good, they tasted heavenly (ordered dark choc & red velvet)! Everyone loves it! Special thanks to Jennis for the "signature" on the baseball bat (an unexpected surprise!) & attending to my queries way past retail hours. I'll be a returning customer!



[Skylanders Gaints Thumpback Cake & Cupcakes]


EVERYONE was filled with awesome

awe when they saw the cake. Timothy flipped when he saw it!

Everyone exclaimed, is that a real figurine?! 

AWESOME! My younger boy already said he wants exactly the same but with Ignitor on it!! Early November, another cake! 

The chocolate cake was so thick, rich and nice! Within minutes, now you see it, now you don't!!! Vanished! Thankfully we had the cupcakes to fall back on! 



[Iron Man Cake]

Thanks for the lovely and delicious cake. We truly enjoy it a lot.



[Customized Cake]

Goodness! The cake totally made the birthday girl's day!! Super delicious also. Went well with our champagne. Haha now they are all taking order on what to put on the next cake!



[Bowling Cake]

Thank you very much for the beautiful as well as delectable cake. The sponge was so moist and it melted in our mouths. The birthday boy was extremely happy to see the bowling pins and ball. Once again, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for making the celebration a memorable one.



[Picture Fresh Cream Cakes]

Thanks for the beautiful cakes, my son was thrilled! The cake was moist and yummy (though I found the cream part rather too sweet), it was one of the few cakes that my son ever ate (he's a rather fussy eater and seldom eats cakes). Thanks for the great service too.

-Mrs Loh


[Smurfs Themed Cake]

Thank you so much for the lovely cake. My son was so happy when he saw the cake and a lot of my guest complimented on how nice the design was.  The cake texture was good and not too sweet.



[Fresh cream cake with Princess Toppers]

Sorry to thank you so late. Your cake was really good. I have great comments from my guests. They like the fillings peanut butter with oreo cream.



[Dessert Table A]

Thank you both and your team for doing such a great job. The feedbacks were really good. The cake of the day steals the show!


[Dessert Table B]

Wanted to thank you and your team once again for the effort and beautiful sweets made. We would definitely order from you again in future. Keep in touch!


[Dog Cake]

Thank you for creating this delicious cake for the human and my pet. It was indeed yummy and the cake texture was moist. All my guests enjoyed this alot.


[Moses Crossing The Red Sea Cake]

Thank you for another highly memorable birthday! Excellent work! Thanks for much for making this awesome cake!

-Rayson & SukLing

[Lego Cake]

The cake looks wonderful! My son loves the Lego very much. Some friends ask me where to order it and I gave them your website. ;)


[Dora Cake]

Thank you so much for such awesome cake and cupcakes. They were delicious and everybody loved them. The cake was hugely popular (besides looking soooooooooooo lovely). Cannot thank you enough! Some of my friends will be in touch, they absolutely loved it.



[Golf Themed Fresh Cream Cake]

Thank you for making the golf cake that I collected yesterday. I appreciate the efficiency and on time delivery.
I was pleased with the design – the red golf bag with the clubs was really nice!
Thank you again. I hope you took a picture of it to put on your website.
I will come to visit your cakeshop next time when I have more time!




[Wedding Mini Cakes and Whole Cakes]

My husband and I would like to thank you so much for the fantastic cake you and your team have made.

-Jeann & Stephen

[Mr Happy and Friends Cake]

Thanks for accommodating our requests! Cake turned out beautiful and the fresh strawberry cream was a great bonus!


[Flower Cakepops]

Jennis, you have got very positive feedback on the cakepops! I have shared your website with the rest of the teachers!


[Despicable Me Cake]

That's my daughter's cake! <3 We loved it!



​[Soccer Field cake with Gangnam style players]

Thanks alot for making this design happen :)) my hubby <3  it, both the looks and the taste!
- Jensiee

[Tennis court cake with cakepops and cupcakes]

Wow! It is amazing! Lucas will love it!
Thanks for all the creativity and hard work!
- Su-Lyn

[Ice skating shoe and science themed cakepops]

Would like to thank you for the cake.  It was lovely!
- Patricia

[Camera Cake]

Great cake! Everyone enjoyed the "black" choco mint cake!!

[Jungle Fresh Cream Cake]

Little Thaddeus loves his "Jungle Animal" Cake.
We enjoyed.. devouring the cake. Thank you very much!
- Doris

[Elmo Fresh cream cake and cakepops]

Thanks for the Elmo cake and cakepops. The kids and adults love them. The cake were delicious, one of the best that I ever had. Many of my guests are already asking for the baker details. Thanks again!

[Bowling cake and cupcakes]

Thanks for ur effort for making such a nice Birthday cake that surprise my son. He simply love the cake n refuse to cut it. So our guests only manage to eat the cupcakes.Once again thanks for ur help. We will definitely introducing our friends to you.
- April

[Couch Surfing Cupcakes]

Thank you for doing these cups for us. It was very meaningful to have our 1000th guest from couchsurfing. I'll be back.
- Jennifer Yong

[Chanel Cupcakes]

I have always wanted Chanel cupcakes for my birthday. So last Friday, my fiancè surprised me with your beautiful cupcakes! I was so in love with your cupcakes. I was seriously touched with what he did. So we brought the cupcakes all the way to bkk and it was still in perfect condition when we reached bkk. And when I tried the cupcake, oh my! It really melts in my mouth. I love the flavors for my cupcakes especially the red velvet. I can never stop thanking my fiancè and definitely YOU for the awesome cupcakes! I'll definitely recommend you to others and purchase more from you. Thanks :)
- Rushda

[Soccer Cakepops]

Thanks for the great creation! The cake was the talk of the event n I told them to reach out to you! I added three players to complete the amazing creations. Dominick says thanks for making his birthday special. :)

[The Smurfs Cakepops]

Thanks for the cake and cake pops, and for adhering to our last minute requests. They were adorable, and the cake was yummy. =)
- HuiYu

[Baked Cheesecake with pipped cream]

Thank you. My friend likes the cake! :)
She said its amazing.
- Seleste

[Minions Cakepops]

Thank you for creating a super fantastic display of minions for Isabelle's birthday yesterday! It was d talk at d party! Thanks for making her day!  God bless!
- Ivy & Izzy

[Evil Melody Fresh Cream Cake]

Thanks for the lovely cake! Allegra was so thrilled to see her fave Kuromi on the cake, the figurine u made was really nice, accompanied with those little cute lollipops n ribbon ! Our guests were full of praises for the cake, thumbs up!

[Hen and Chicks Cake]

Thank you CAK3 BOX for making the lovely birthday cake for Celine within a tight timeline. The kids loved it.

[Smurfs at Work Cake with Mushroom Cupcakes]

Thank you for the delicious cake. We love the cake and our Princess was thrilled beyond words. :)

[Flowers and Butterflies fresh cream cake]

Thanks for the lovely cake, it's both pretty and yummy ! Victoria loves it!

[HandBag Cake]

The cake was great and delicious. My wife and my parents loved the cake especially my wife who loved the design of the bag. She commented that it was so life-like that she can't bear to eat it.

[Noah's Ark Cake with cake pops]

Thanks for a wonderful cak3! Matt had a great time with his friends.
The children and adults loved the cake! Thank you so very much!!!!
-SukLing & Rayson

[2 tier Wedding Cake]

The cake is so beautiful!! Everyone liked it thank you so much!!

[Audi TT Coupe Car Cake]

It tasted really really good!
Thanks so much indeed for making it happen.
My Hubby was so happy and surprised!

[Tiffany & Co. Cake Pops]

I would like to thank you a gazillion for your prompt replies to my emails and I just wanna say that the Tiffany & Co cake pops was a hit! They were true to the picture I had sent you and the packaging was perfect! The cake pops didn't melt at all and they were delicious! Almost to pretty to be eaten, hehe. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I'd definitely order from you in the future :)

[Plants VS Zombie Cake]

Thank you, Cak3box! We had an amazing birthday celebration with my sister yesterday. The cake was too pretty to be eaten but when we finally did, it was very delicious too.

[Basketball Cupcakes]

Thanks you so much... my bf very like the cupcakes...^.^

[Apple Cupcake Set]

Thks for the cupcakes...my hubby heart it !!

[Animals Cake Pops]

Hey Jennis, thanks for the lovely cake pops. Kids simply love the pops and the adults enjoyed the cheescake brownie!
- ShuZhen

[Pillow Birthday Cake]

Just want to say thank you for the lovely cake that i picked up yesterday.
It was really well made and worth every cent.
Not only it looks great, but it taste awesome as well.
My fiance really loves it.
Thank you.

[Precious Moment Solemnization Cake]

Just want to say a big thank you for the beautiful cake that you two have created. Our guests love the cake, especially the lemon flavoured tier. I really like the lemon flavour one! I like the texture of your cake too.. not too dry...
- Pingyu

[Salon Theme Cupcakes]

Well done!!  So cheery n fun!!!

[Proposal Cake]

My girlfriend likes the cake very much (in terms of design and taste too)

[Fresh Cream Whole Chocolate Hazelnut Cake]

The cake you did was very nice!

[Baby Pooh And Tigger Cake]

Thanks, the cake looks and taste nice! And baby Andres likes the pooh and tigger!

[Shamu Cake]

Thank you once again for the beautiful cake